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About Us

The Creator

Techguy, lazy, smart and a father
Vu Truong

Hi there. I am Vu Truong - a tech-savvy individual, entrepreneur, and a father - who is on a mission to revolutionize the way people learn and share knowledge. I was born and raised in Vietnam, a country famous for gorgeous places and mouthwatering food.

Having an in-depth understanding of the information technology, I believe that there is a better way to retain what you have learned. An innovative, result-oriented way where you are valued and your learning capacity is increased. I am passionate about it, and my primary aim is to offer out-of-the box solutions to the students and experts so that they can take their learning journey up a notch.

The Story of Noat.Card

Every idea starts with a complicated problem. But mine was simple: learning so many things at once is the biggest nightmare students have to face. Though there were several tools in the market claiming to fine-tune the learning outcomes, none of them worked in the long run. Similarly, it was also impossible for the experts to share knowledge with others due to constraints of resources. In short, everything was bleak for everyone.

So, it was the realization of these multi-pronged challenges that compelled me to come up with something new. After working tirelessly for several months and testing several methodologies, I finally came up with Noat.Card. And yes, the rest is history.

Effective in approach and friendly in usage, Noat.Card completely altered the traditional norms of learning. It is a highly sophisticated Software as Service that helps you organize the knowledge, share the material, and retrieve the lessons, all while fine-tuning your memory process. If you also want to see how it can make a difference to your educational journey, now is the right time to try it.