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Getting Started

Noat.Cards is a simple knowledge learning and sharing platform. It uses telegram as a distributed network. The system can help you apply a spaced repetition learning technique to boost your learning progress. It also help you to simply share your knowledge with others

Register telegram account

Register telegram account Because Noat.Cards works based on Telegram. You need to register a telegram account to use Noat.Cards Please use this link to register a Telegram account

Access Bot

  • Step 1: Click in Search bar of telegram
  • Step 2: input @noat_cards_bot to search bar and select the bot


  • Click on the url of the bot here

Browse and copy a public repo

At beginning, your repo shelf don’t have any repository to review.

Noat.Cards is also a public libraries where can find a knowledge you interested on.

  • Click on button Repo Browse
  • Select a public repository to preview
  • If you interested on the repo, click button 🧬 Clone Button to clone the repo to your repo shelf

Start General Review Session

  • Navigate to 📘(Learn)
  • Click on General Review to start review session
  • Click Start/Continues to review

Start Review Session based on specific Repository

  • Navigate 📘(Learn)
  • Select Review Session based on specific repository
  • Click Start/Continues to start review session on the specified repository

Powerfull UI navigate and share knowledge

Create Quiz Competition Game and start the game in private mode

Run Quiz Competition Game in Public